Friendship in Differences

I have a good friend, coincidently we were at the same room in office previously. We are so close, can talk each other heart to heart, though there are so many differences between us.


I’m a Moslem, she’s Catholic. She’s ten years younger. She’s an aerobic instructor, I never practise any gym.

I am grumpy, she’s gutless. I’m superior, she’s a follower.


I like reading a lot, she hardly have any book to read. She can cry easily, I can make people cry easily *what a world 😉

I don’t like seafood, she eats so many prawn and anchovy.

We have so many differences, not only in preferences, we also never did same tasks in our job. Although sat together in the same room, we handled different business.

But now I ask myself  what’s the point of differences if we were both happy while together.

She moved to other town, got a new job, better future I hope. I miss her a lot now, can only remember how cheerful our togetherness before.


Attended our first and our last office gathering together


Any comments for me?

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