My first postcard from Russia

Please tell me, what do you think about this postcard picture ?

002 Alevtina - Russia


Cold. Yes, i can imagine how cold is the situation on the picture πŸ™‚

It is The Samara Academic Theatre of Maxim Gorky, designed by architect M.N. Chichagoy during 1886 – 1888. Then reconstructed by architects Y.I. Musatof, V.F. Gorelikhin and V.A. Golosov in 1967.

This card is from Alevtina, my new postcard friend from Samara Russia. Based on her handwriting, Samara is populated by almost one million people. It’s famous as a second capital during World War II.

002 Alevtina - Russia back


I like how she wrote her message though I have to work hard to read it. It’s so little πŸ˜‰

But take a lok of her stamps and sticker, it’s so precious. Thanks for your very beautiful card, dear Alevtina.

4 thoughts on “My first postcard from Russia

  1. wah baru tahu Anda punya koleksi kartu pos dari banyak negara Bu. Dulu waktu kecil aku suka ngumpulin perangko sih, tapi ga lanjut. Filateli mahal hehe. Basic village! haha. Tulisane apik ya, ga kayak tulisanmu, tetep…wkwkwkw

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