Brave Women Behind The Pinks

The weather is very hot here in my town. It seems very contrary to the weather in New York city.

Why did suddenly I remember New York?

I’d never been in New York. To be precise, I never went to the United States. My limited steps made me dwelling in same places throughout the years. Home, office, my children’s school, mall, well…uhm… very regular places, right? Even it’s too rarely for me to go out of town.

Still, I remember someone in New York there. She is not a neighbor, not a sister, even we had met two or three times only. Then why does she fill my mind?

Before talking about my friend in New York City, I want to tell you about someone else first. A few years ago my sister often went home with a sad story about her friend affected by breast cancer. The cancer stadium was quite high when she realized something happened to her body. Then she tried to deny the fact of her condition. She refused treatment, won’t to eat, locked herself in her room, she really felt devastated. Her family understood this distress period, but they were also confused how to support her if she herself didn’t have spirit to recover in any way.

I don’t think it’s necessary to tell about end of this story. It made me sad.

breast cancer

oh-no-style of awesome girls 😉   courtesy : Indah Nuria

In a very contrary way with above story, my friend in New York experienced the same thing still has a high motivation to recover. Living abroad, without any siblings or parents accompanied, jobs with high stress levels, but she remains tough. I almost never saw her sharing sad story in her social media and blog. Just pumping spirit was what she did to support other cancer patients in order not to feel alone anymore.

There are many people sincerely support the struggle of cancer survivors. Through donations, through prayer, through awareness, the slightest thing remains to be done so that the breast cancer patients do not feel alone. Yes, for some reason they got sick. However, this reason no longer need to be discussed, the more important is how they recover and still live a normal life like any other.

Some organization and people already start to make movements of awareness on cancer attack. Yes, awareness of yourself is important for health check. Just as important as paying attention and prayer to others who already got cancer in their blood. Make them brave to fight, since no medical will be better than our own spirit and faith.

Hello brave women, I’m along with you here. All my best pray for you. You are all amazing people….

This post is dedicated to #finishthefight #gopink #breastcancerawareness


2 thoughts on “Brave Women Behind The Pinks

  1. abis baca trus pengen mewek.. 😦

    Aq nulisnya pun sambil mewek Mba Eda… but knowing Mama Bo fought the cancer with smile and full of spirit, then I don’t think I should sad anymore. All I have to do is pray and support these brave women.

  2. Hugeeee hugs for my dearest mba Uniek :)…I am indeed blessed to have you all supported me in times of trouble. I got more and more spirit from you all as well, ladieees…and thank you for joining my GA #finishthefight #gopink #breastcancerawareness

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