Get ready, november rain will come early…

This big backpack caught my eyes since couple days ago. It seemed hundred years ago since my first journey to Mahameru. I can’t help to feel how I long for another trip with my buddies again to that stunning place.

“Do you think it’s okay for us if we go there with this cloudy and windy situation?”

Her anxious face made me smile.

“Don’t worry, my friend… we’ll dance in the sweet November rain there. It was already too long dry season for us. We deserve enjoying November rain in Ranu Kumbolo,” I tried to calm her.

“It’s too early for rain, isn’t it?”

Again and again…she said something to lowen her fear.

“Yes, November rain will come early this time. We should be there, in the middle of Ranu Kumbolo’s beautiful scenery while rain comes to our tent. It will be our amazing time together there, don’t you think?”

No more excuse, she will accompany me in the journey next week. Wait for us, Mount Semeru.

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Friendship in Differences

I have a good friend, coincidently we were at the same room in office previously. We are so close, can talk each other heart to heart, though there are so many differences between us.


I’m a Moslem, she’s Catholic. She’s ten years younger. She’s an aerobic instructor, I never practise any gym.

I am grumpy, she’s gutless. I’m superior, she’s a follower.


I like reading a lot, she hardly have any book to read. She can cry easily, I can make people cry easily *what a world 😉

I don’t like seafood, she eats so many prawn and anchovy.

We have so many differences, not only in preferences, we also never did same tasks in our job. Although sat together in the same room, we handled different business.

But now I ask myself  what’s the point of differences if we were both happy while together.

She moved to other town, got a new job, better future I hope. I miss her a lot now, can only remember how cheerful our togetherness before.


Attended our first and our last office gathering together