Amazing Mommies

invisible but monumental love

This is not in a book store. Those ladies are still in the middle of writing tour in the oldest publisher in Central Java.

If you think this picture just a usual one, take a look at those three little babies. Don’t you think their mommies are amazing? Bring’em without daddies accompanied while learning how to write is completely crazy for me. I can’t survive with baby’s crying and all their movement in the middle of this serious event. I won’t stand like those great ladies.

All thumbs up for their love and ‘fighting spirit’. So monumentally….

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Immortal Leaves


How can I forget such beautiful thing?

I found these immortal leaves in Tlogo Plantation, Wisata Agro Tlogo, a quiet and warm place in Kabupaten Semarang. If you passed Bawen Juction to Salatiga, you’ll find a left turn heading to this place.

It’s so unique, a smart idea to freeze leaves in floor, make a different plantation path enjoyed by visitors.