Birds-eye-view of New York City

Another official swap came again.

003 Elizabeth- USAThis card is from Elizabeth who work in bookstore. It’s very nice to know that she enjoys her job there.

The picture above shows us a birds-eye-view of New York City at night in the 1930’s. Wow, it’s cool, love it 🙂

003 Elizabeth- USA bacl

Thanks for your card Elizabeth 🙂


My first postcard from Russia

Please tell me, what do you think about this postcard picture ?

002 Alevtina - Russia


Cold. Yes, i can imagine how cold is the situation on the picture 🙂

It is The Samara Academic Theatre of Maxim Gorky, designed by architect M.N. Chichagoy during 1886 – 1888. Then reconstructed by architects Y.I. Musatof, V.F. Gorelikhin and V.A. Golosov in 1967.

This card is from Alevtina, my new postcard friend from Samara Russia. Based on her handwriting, Samara is populated by almost one million people. It’s famous as a second capital during World War II.

002 Alevtina - Russia back


I like how she wrote her message though I have to work hard to read it. It’s so little 😉

But take a lok of her stamps and sticker, it’s so precious. Thanks for your very beautiful card, dear Alevtina.

Direct Swap from Romania

As newbie in Postcrossing, it’s so amazing when I got my first direct swap. You know, digging in postcrossing data, search for people who say “yes” for direct swap, offer swap to them, wait for the card, and tadaaaa…

001 Raluca - Romania

Isn’t it beautiful? 😉

The message from Raluca is very nice. I like her handwriting so much. She must be a very kind person.

001 Raluca - Romania back

Can’t wait to have more card from her 🙂

[For Swap] Postcard with Recipe

It’s so amazing that I can get this kind of postcard. Recipe cards, with really recipe on their back side.

Kindly take a look at them, I bet you’ll like them 😉


                                    recipe lalap sbl trasi front             recipe lalap sbl trasi back

        Recipe of Lalap Sambel Terasi

(Sundanesse Vegetables with Shrimp Paste Chili Relish)


                                     recipe sambal bajak front                    recipe sambal bajak back

 Recipe of Sambel Bajak (Multi Chili Relish)


                                       recipe setup nenas front                   recipe setup nenas back

Recipe of Setup Nanas & Jambu (Poached Pineapple & Water Apple)


All those above cards already gone. I have new cards below :


recipe smbl gorengA-horz


recipe kcg ijoA-horz


recipe sambal trasiA-horz

Do you like them? Kindly comment and I’ll contact you personally by email, thanks 🙂



Postcards for swap

Some of my postcard collection :



  DSCN2152     DSCN2157

            cartoon3    cartoon6


       cartoon4       cartoon7






DSCN2162         DSCN2166

DSCN2167        DSCN2161

  trowulan temple      

      prambanan siluet        equator monm

  megalithic site g padang         card0004

     borobudur 2       mt Agung  

   oen prambanan

   borobudur 3       x bratan

   borobudur 6        indo7

    wayang orang       indo13

 indo9         indo8

        indo4            indo3

        DSCN2164              equator monm2

                                tugu muda                  




   wedang ronde      nasi bakar

lapis india        scan0003

 scan0001       food8

es krim putih      


           scan0002     scan0005



  spices2       spices1






rana01 rana02 rana03 rana05 rana06 rana07 rana08 rana09 rana10 rana11 rana13 rana14

rana15 rana16 rana17 rana18 rana19 rana20 rana21 rana22 rana23 rana24 rana25 rana26 rana27 rana28rana36 rana29 rana30 rana31 rana32 rana33 rana34


Postcard plus plus

Ahaa…this is the first time I received postcard plus something attached on it (postcard and the gift were in an envelope)


This card came from Husna (Yogyakarta). I like her second card very much, which showed traditional market of Indonesia.



This is it… a blink blink brooche, handmade by Husna herself. Thank you very much, Sista… Luv your gift, luv you too 🙂