First Postcard from Belarus

001 Ludmila - Belarus


Yeayyy…what a surprise….. I got my first official swap in Postcrossing. This card came from Ludmila, shows the picture of Minsk City Hall.

001 Ludmila - Belarus back

Thanks for your card, dear Ludmilla. All the best for your family too 🙂


My first postcard from Russia

Please tell me, what do you think about this postcard picture ?

002 Alevtina - Russia


Cold. Yes, i can imagine how cold is the situation on the picture 🙂

It is The Samara Academic Theatre of Maxim Gorky, designed by architect M.N. Chichagoy during 1886 – 1888. Then reconstructed by architects Y.I. Musatof, V.F. Gorelikhin and V.A. Golosov in 1967.

This card is from Alevtina, my new postcard friend from Samara Russia. Based on her handwriting, Samara is populated by almost one million people. It’s famous as a second capital during World War II.

002 Alevtina - Russia back


I like how she wrote her message though I have to work hard to read it. It’s so little 😉

But take a lok of her stamps and sticker, it’s so precious. Thanks for your very beautiful card, dear Alevtina.

Direct Swap from Romania

As newbie in Postcrossing, it’s so amazing when I got my first direct swap. You know, digging in postcrossing data, search for people who say “yes” for direct swap, offer swap to them, wait for the card, and tadaaaa…

001 Raluca - Romania

Isn’t it beautiful? 😉

The message from Raluca is very nice. I like her handwriting so much. She must be a very kind person.

001 Raluca - Romania back

Can’t wait to have more card from her 🙂

[For Swap] Postcard with Recipe

It’s so amazing that I can get this kind of postcard. Recipe cards, with really recipe on their back side.

Kindly take a look at them, I bet you’ll like them 😉


                                    recipe lalap sbl trasi front             recipe lalap sbl trasi back

        Recipe of Lalap Sambel Terasi

(Sundanesse Vegetables with Shrimp Paste Chili Relish)


                                     recipe sambal bajak front                    recipe sambal bajak back

 Recipe of Sambel Bajak (Multi Chili Relish)


                                       recipe setup nenas front                   recipe setup nenas back

Recipe of Setup Nanas & Jambu (Poached Pineapple & Water Apple)


All those above cards already gone. I have new cards below :


recipe smbl gorengA-horz


recipe kcg ijoA-horz


recipe sambal trasiA-horz

Do you like them? Kindly comment and I’ll contact you personally by email, thanks 🙂



Enterpreneur Kid

What do you think when you see a little lady brings something to sell to her school?

vivi yoghurt

This pretty little lady is my daughter. She likes to bring a jar of froyo (frozen yoghurt) to school. These froyos are made by her aunty.

I never asked her to do so. She said, “I want to have my own money, Mommy.”  What can I say then? 😉


vivi yoghurt2

She sells froyos at IDR 1000 each and has to pay her aunty IDR 850. So, she will get IDR 150 for each froyo sold. If she brought twenty packs of froyo in jar, in a day she will have IDR 3000 as her earning. In fact, she always bring empty jar after her school time 🙂

Not much money, but she really likes her activity. I guess she already learnt something about it. To become a persistent enterpreneur, she has to persevere in selling her stuffs first. At least to her friends 😉

She’s so happy with this froyo ‘direct selling’. What can make me happy more than see my kid’s happiness?


Amazing Mommies

invisible but monumental love

This is not in a book store. Those ladies are still in the middle of writing tour in the oldest publisher in Central Java.

If you think this picture just a usual one, take a look at those three little babies. Don’t you think their mommies are amazing? Bring’em without daddies accompanied while learning how to write is completely crazy for me. I can’t survive with baby’s crying and all their movement in the middle of this serious event. I won’t stand like those great ladies.

All thumbs up for their love and ‘fighting spirit’. So monumentally….

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Immortal Leaves


How can I forget such beautiful thing?

I found these immortal leaves in Tlogo Plantation, Wisata Agro Tlogo, a quiet and warm place in Kabupaten Semarang. If you passed Bawen Juction to Salatiga, you’ll find a left turn heading to this place.

It’s so unique, a smart idea to freeze leaves in floor, make a different plantation path enjoyed by visitors.