Enterpreneur Kid

What do you think when you see a little lady brings something to sell to her school?

vivi yoghurt

This pretty little lady is my daughter. She likes to bring a jar of froyo (frozen yoghurt) to school. These froyos are made by her aunty.

I never asked her to do so. She said, “I want to have my own money, Mommy.”  What can I say then? 😉


vivi yoghurt2

She sells froyos at IDR 1000 each and has to pay her aunty IDR 850. So, she will get IDR 150 for each froyo sold. If she brought twenty packs of froyo in jar, in a day she will have IDR 3000 as her earning. In fact, she always bring empty jar after her school time 🙂

Not much money, but she really likes her activity. I guess she already learnt something about it. To become a persistent enterpreneur, she has to persevere in selling her stuffs first. At least to her friends 😉

She’s so happy with this froyo ‘direct selling’. What can make me happy more than see my kid’s happiness?