Birds-eye-view of New York City

Another official swap came again.

003 Elizabeth- USAThis card is from Elizabeth who work in bookstore. It’s very nice to know that she enjoys her job there.

The picture above shows us a birds-eye-view of New York City at night in the 1930’s. Wow, it’s cool, love it 🙂

003 Elizabeth- USA bacl

Thanks for your card Elizabeth 🙂

Ah, there is a city called Tampere

Thanks for postcrossing… I just know that somewhere out there in Finland, there is a city called Tampere.

002 Mari - Finland

Also thanks to Mari who informed me that Tampere is Finland’s third biggest city.

In the picture above, we can see The Orthodox Church. It was built in 1896 – 1899.

002 Marzze - Finland back

Hope someday I could be there, aamiin…