Never ending story

Hello again in Blogging 101 project…. Now it’s time to write more about this blog’s title and tag line.

Too much unrevealed journeys… It’s not by accident I give this special tag line to my blog. There are many things happened in my life. Do not imagine spectacular moments 🙂 For me, simple things such as go around with my kids, play with them in home or playground, spending my ‘me time’ with books, and many other common occasions are excited journeys.

For a simple mom like me, all little things as mentioned above are so priceless. I still spent six days a week in office. So, me time and family time are two of my favourite moments. They could be anything, such as :


hang out with my girl , read books as many as we can

vivi masak bakso

cooking class with my girl 😉

     Or just accompanying my son in his favourite playing areas :

       DSCN2303    kereta kulit jeruk



have fun with mates


There are still many journeys need to be revealed in this blog. Can’t wait to continue my never ending stories here along with my big hope and imagination. Are you ready for my words? 😉


5 thoughts on “Never ending story

  1. This is so joyful! Your title is so apt for a mother/reader/writer. It caught my eye immediately, bringing memories of the movie by that title, one of our family-time favorites! Our youngest daughter just got married, so I know that life goes fast and children are grown and gone before you know it. Enjoy your time with them!

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